7 Popular Technical Indicators and How to Use Them to Increase Your Trading Profits

Harry Nicholls
16 min readApr 9, 2018
Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Ever wondered how to use technical indicators in trading? Well wonder no more, this article expands on the concepts laid out in Mastering the Art of Cryptocurrency Trading: Essential Tips and Strategies for Success focusing on 7 popular indicators and the strategies you can use to profit from their signals.

Technical trading involves reviewing charts and making decisions based on patterns and indicators.

These patterns are particular shapes that candlesticks form on a chart, and can give you information about where the price is likely to go next.

Indicators are additions or overlays on the chart that provide extra information through mathematical calculations on price and volume. They also tell you where the price is likely to go next.

There are 4 major types of indicator:

  • Trend
  • Momentum
  • Volume
  • Volatility

Trend indicators tell you which direction the market is moving in, if there is a trend at all. They’re sometimes called oscillators, because they tend to move between high and low values like a wave. Trend indicators we’ll discuss include Parabolic SAR, parts of the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, and Moving…